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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure(OCI) Service Health Dashboard

While you configure lots of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources across different cloud tenancy/region, you may be interested to keep track of health-checks status of all resources/services in your region to make sure everything is healthy in the cloud region where your important cloud services are hosted.

Oracle provides you a very convenient way to monitor the health of all OCI resources/services for all regions in one place.

In order to access the OCI health, you can directly go to the "" URL where all OCI services health status is available for you to keep track of or if you are already logged in to your tenancy, click on the "View Health Dashboard" at right top corner  and it would take you to the OCI Health Dashboard page automatically.

From this dashboard you can get current status information about the services in your region.

Customers can self register by clicking on the 'Subscribe to Updates' link which offers email, SMS, Webhook, RSS, and other channels.

Notifications are delivered whenever OCI creates or resolves an incident.

There are four colored notations on the "OCI Health Dashboard" for you to identify whether a particular cloud service in a specific region is healthy or has some issues as following, if all cloud services are green then that has "Normal Performance" and everything is healthy and optimal.

Similarly, there is "Degraded Performance" , "Partial Outage" and "Major Outage" notations to identify the resource glitch.

Currently, you can see that everything is in "Normal Performance" range as below.

You can subscribe to incident notifications to your email address as when when there is an incident created in any regions or you can opt-in for your own region only where all your cloud services are running.

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